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Signature Books is committed to expanding the scope of Mormon studies and to enhancing opportunities for creative and scholarly expression. Signature champions works that are honest, thoughtful, and grounded in the best critical thinking; that emphasize human experience and intellect; that advocate civil discourse; that engage and challenge; and that encourage new ways of approaching the past, present, and future.

Company History

Signature Books was founded in 1981 to promote the study of Mormonism at its intersection with American history. Over the last thirty-seven years we’ve created a unique literary repertoire—publishing biographies, documentary histories, personal essays, poetry, regional history, fiction, and humor. What began as an outlet for Mormon history left unpublished by the LDS Church now represents the best in Utah literature.

Our Team

Devery S. Anderson
Marketing Manager
Gary James Bergera
Company Director
Jason Francis
Production Manager
Greg Jones
Production Assistant
Keiko F. Jones
Business Manager
Ron Priddis
Editorial Manager

Scholars of Mormon missionary work, leadership dynamics, territorial Utah, and dissenting traditions will be well rewarded by engaging this excellent collection

Ben Park
Ben Park

This is an essential resource for historians…Here we have the good, the bad, and everything in between.

David Busath

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