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An Unarmed Woman

John Bennion

Confidence amid Change

Harvard S. Heath

Caldera Ridge

Jack Harrell

William Bickerton

Daniel P. Stone

A 3-D Tour of Latter-day Saint History

Steven L. Richardson
Benjamin M. Richardson

Owning the Moon

Linda Sillitoe

Finally Statehood!

Edward Leo Lyman

Writing Mormon History

Joseph Geisner

Mercy without End

Lavina Fielding Anderson

Discovering Us

Evan Hadingham

Thirteenth Apostle

Scott H. Partridge

Natural Born Seer

Richard S. Van Wagoner

Pedestals and Podiums

Martha Sonntag Bradley

Nauvoo Polygamy

George D. Smith

Mormon Polygamy

Richard S. Van Wagoner

Breathe Life into Your Life Story 

Dawn and Morris Thurston

The Backslider

Levi S. Peterson

Cowboy Apostle

Elizabeth Oberdick Anderson

Her Side of It

Marilyn Bushman-Carlton

A Sense of Order

Jack Harrell

Things in Heaven and Earth

Thomas G. Alexander

Mormon Democrat

Gene A. Sessions

Dancing Naked

Robert Hodgson Van Wagoner

The Pictograph Murders

P.G. Karamesines


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This is an essential resource for historians…Here we have the good, the bad, and everything in between.

David Busath

Scholars of Mormon missionary work, leadership dynamics, territorial Utah, and dissenting traditions will be well rewarded by engaging this excellent collection

Ben Park
Ben Park

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