Ron Priddis

Ron grew up in the “boring, uniform suburbs” of San Francisco. The survivor of a typical LDS upbringing, Ron is an Eagle Scout and served a mission in Switzerland, where he developed a love of all things German. In high school, Ron won a statewide forensics competition in Sacramento for a speech on Mormon dissident Samuel Brannan, an early indication of Ron’s future role in Mormon historical studies, especially that of the renegade variety. His speech led to an invitation to participate in fundraising for Richard Nixon, a horror Ron failed to appreciate at the time.

As a student at BYU, Ron founded the off-campus newspaper The Seventh East Press. After graduation, he was hired by Signature Books to help research and write Brigham Young University: A House of Faith. 35 years later, Ron continues to lead Signature in producing high-quality, innovative literature. He enjoys opera, Italian restaurants, novels, and the rare moments of peace and quiet at the Signature Books office.

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