Keiko F. Jones

Keiko moved to Utah from Japan as a college freshman. She attended BYU as a member of the Freshman Honor Society Phi Eta Sigma, and graduated with a B.A. in linguistics and a minor in TESOL. Keiko volunteered as an English teacher for immigrants at the Provo Community School throughout her college career, using her linguistics background to assist countless students in learning a new language. Prior to her graduation, Utah governor Norman Bangerter awarded Keiko the Carnation Community Service Award. Keiko continued teaching at the Provo Community School as a faculty member until 1993, when she joined the staff of Signature Books.

Currently, Keiko enjoys spending time with her adopted dogs—an intelligent Australian shepherd and a goofy German shepherd. She loves reading mysteries, seeing movies with friends, dining out, traveling, and leading a perfectly imperfect life.

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