John Hatch

John is a life-long Salt Lake resident who grew up watching David Fincher movies and reading Cormac McCarthy novels, passions he attempts to pass on to his two teenage sons. He served a mission in upstate New York, and worked as lead supervisor at Deseret Book as his first job. John’s perfect Mormon resume was slightly marred when he became managing editor at left-wing Sunstone Magazine. Further descent into the progressive Mormon community included work as a staff editor for the Journal of Mormon History and as a blogger for “By Common Consent.”

John earned a degree in history from the University of Utah, and is the author of four feature-length screenplays and numerous shorts. A script based on the research of coworker Devery S. Anderson on Emmett Till was a finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and semi-finalist for the Nicholl Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Other published works include Danish Apostle: The Diaries of Anthon H. Lund, and contributions to Sunstone, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, and the Journal of Mormon History. John is currently working on a biography of LDS church president Lorenzo Snow.

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