Jason Francis

Despite his upbringing in Davis County, Jason and his family maintain a love of the ocean, surfing, and beautiful weather. He considers Bear Lake a suitable Utah-based alternative on weekends he can’t escape to San Diego. Jason’s interest in design began in his Clearfield High School graphic arts class, and eventually led to a job as the graphic artist at Weber State Printing Services. Other notable jobs include working as a film stripper at local newspaper Davis County Clipper, an accomplishment since “not everyone gets to be a stripper for the clipper.”

Jason graduated from Weber State University in 2012, where he also taught design classes as an adjunct professor. In addition to his skills as a graphic designer, Jason is a talented make-up and costume artist— most recently designing a terrifying Little Dead Riding Hood Halloween costume for his 8th grade daughter. Jason, his wife Michelle, and their daughter live in North Salt Lake.

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