Utah Politics


Utah Politics: The Elephant in the Room

A history of Utah’s ever-changing political climate with social commentary and analysis from Utah reporter and journalist Rod Decker.

March 2019


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From the tempestuous fight for statehood to the evolution of Utah voters from Democrats to Republicans, Rod Decker analyzes the intersection of politics and faith in the complex political culture of modern Utah. Beginning with the state’s roots as a communal theocracy, Utah Politics deftly examines how Mormon morality influenced and continues to shape conflicts on both the local and federal levels.

Whether determining the role nuclear fallout played in causing cancer epidemics throughout the state or the influence of Mormon lobbyists, Decker demonstrates how the rose that blossomed in the desert was sometimes fertilized by conspiracy, debate, and political machination.

Some themes reoccur: governors become popular by fighting federal oversight—signaling a lingering distrust that Washington could alter the Mormon way of life—and liberals use the court system to circumvent conservative legislatures who see public morality as a defining feature of government.

Through this lens, issues both deceptively innocuous and deeply complex underscore Utah’s dance with religious freedom and civil liberty.

Known for his reporting on Utah’s KUTV Channel 2, as well as for his column and editorials in the Deseret News, Rod Decker understands the complexity of Utah culture, politics, and faith like few other observers. A graduate of the University of Utah, Decker attended graduate school at the University of Chicago and spent a year at Harvard as a Nieman Fellow after serving as a military intelligence officer during the Vietnam War. His first book, An Environment for Murder, turned his intimate acquaintance with sagebrush politics into a page-turning mystery.


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