A 3-D Tour of Latter-Day Saint History


A 3-D Tour of Latter-day Saint History: Bringing B.H. Roberts Back to Life

In this new edition of of B.H. Robert’s celebrated The Latter-day Saints’ Tour from Palmyra, New York, to Salt Lake City: Through the Stereoscope, readers enjoy a photographic tour of Mormonism’s most notable church sites with the help of 3-D glasses. Combined with the original text from 1904, this updated classic revives an essential artifact from LDS History.

December 2017

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In 1904, Brigham H. Roberts published The Latter-day Saints’ Tour from Palmyra, New York, to Salt Lake City: Through the Stereoscope, hoping to highlight the accomplishments of his people in building up a new Zion despite a history of hardship. Gathering a series of thirty-eight stereoscopic images, Roberts guided the reader through three-dimensional photos of the faith’s most notable prophet-leaders and historic church sites. From Joseph Smith’s childhood home through Nauvoo and eventually to Salt Lake City, Roberts invited readers to celebrate the LDS role in American History.

In this new edition, editors Steven and Ben Richardson compile Roberts’s original text and images and present them in stereoscopic 3-D with accompanying red/cyan glasses, allowing a new generation of readers to experience Roberts’s tour. Follow the Latter-day Saints from Palmyra to Salt Lake, each stop accompanied by a 3-D image and Roberts’s accessible and timeless storytelling expertise. The perfect addition to the library of every LDS or Utah historian, A 3-D Tour of Latter-day Saint History brings Roberts’s love of history back to life.

Roberts was a prominent LDS teacher, editor, historian, and politician. He served the church in a number of ways, but is most often remembered for his six-volume Comprehensive History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The original stereoscopic book was published in 1904.

Steven L. Richardson is a BYU graduate, life-long 3-D enthusiast, and veteran map-maker of thirty-six years. After retiring as a geotechnical analyst, he began his own cartography company, 2i3D Stereo Imaging, where he applies computer-graphic programming to 3-D map making, assisted by his son, Benjamin M. Richardson. Previous works include their 3-D Atlas of the Salt Lake Valley’s Tri-Canyon Area, and 3-D Atlas of Zion National Park. 


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