The highly anticipated release of award-winning historian D. Michael Quinn’s Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth and Corporate Power has finally arrived. Signature Books’ Chicago warehouse is now processing orders and bookstores can expect the book by mid-October. Internet sales will be available at the same time. Quinn’s book is currently available for purchase on Kindle.

Quinn’s latest study is the third and final volume in his Mormon Hierarchy series. The first two, Origins of Power, was published in 1994; Extensions of Power followed about two years later. Quinn began his studies of LDS leadership in the 1970s.  Wealth and Corporate Power addresses the topic of LDS finances up to 2010.

Quinn’s 600-page work includes three narrative chapters and twenty-one appendixes that chronicle both the personal wealth of LDS leaders and the financial dealings of the church itself. Tithing donations and investment earnings combined bring in billions of dollars in revenue each year. How those funds are spent and managed has varied, depending on the degree of financial acumen at the church’s highest levels. Financial needs have changed as the church has grown from its original setting in Western New York to a worldwide organization with global needs.

Quinn taught history at Brigham Young University from 1976–88, and in the years since has been highly prolific as an independent scholar. He has been awarded numerous research grants and received an appointment as Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University from 2002–03. In 2016 he was awarded the Mormon History Association’s prestigious Leonard J. Arrington Award for distinguished and outstanding service to Mormon history.

Wealth and Corporate Power is available for $49.95. Watch for upcoming signings in Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, and elsewhere.


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